Cold weather is here, PPL Electric Utilities has ways to help you save
Utility offers energy-efficiency tips, smart shopping tips and bill help if needed

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (Jan. 20, 2022) – Winter has arrived, and it’s brought colder temperatures with it. And, as the mercury drops, it’s normal to see energy use increase, leading to higher-than-normal bills in colder months. This year, the rising cost of natural gas and other electricity supply sources may put additional upward pressure on bills. PPL Electric Utilities wants to assure its customers it is here to assist with ways to save and bill help if needed.

Save Energy

There are plenty of opportunities around your home to help reduce the amount of energy you are using this winter. Here are several energy-saving tips to get you started:

  • Seal hidden leaks: Even if you can’t see it, air can escape your home in spaces around windows, doors, skylights and other openings. Start by checking your window and door trims and seal them up using stripping or covers available at most home supply stores.
  • Keep the air flowing: It’s important to make sure that rugs, drapes and furniture are not blocking the airflow to and from heating registers, radiators or baseboard heaters. Clearing these ensures every room is getting the proper circulation, your system is working as intended and you are using less energy.
  • Love the layered look: You can save up to 1% in heating costs for every degree you dial back your thermostat, according to the Department of Energy. Consider snuggling into a sweater and layer on natural fibers to keep in warmth. This will allow you to turn down the heat, saving energy in the process.
  • Let the sun in, close the cold out: Allowing the sun to shine in through your windows during the day can keep your home warmer, which means using less energy. And when the sun goes down, be sure to close the drapes to reduce heat loss through windows.

Shop Smart for Electricity

PPL Electric Utilities delivers electricity to homes and businesses throughout eastern Pennsylvania, but it does not own the power plants where that electricity is generated. For more than two decades, customers in Pennsylvania have had an opportunity to shop for an electricity supplier and choose the one that is right for them, such as the lowest cost provider. To make sure you’re not paying too much for your electricity supply, follow these smart shopping tips:

  • Review your most recent PPL Electric Utilities bill to check the price to compare — this is the rate you would pay for electricity supply if you choose not to shop for a supplier — as well as your current rate if you’re already shopping. If you’re paying more than the price to compare, you might want to consider shopping around for a better rate.
  • Beware of variable rates while shopping around. These can start small and then dramatically increase depending on the price of power.
  • Watch out for hidden early termination fees and always be sure to read the fine print on any contract you decide to sign with a supplier. 
  • For additional tips and advice, visit or the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissions’ website

Get Help When Needed

Whether you need a little extra time to make your monthly payment or need help paying off a past due balance, PPL Electric Utilities has programs to help. Income-eligible programs include:

  • Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) — a federal program that offers free money to cover rent, utility bills, fees and past-due balances to renters affected by financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) — a federal program that provides grants to help with home energy bills or to pay off past-due balances.
  • OnTrack payment plan — a PPL Electric Utilities program that makes managing energy bills easier with lower fixed monthly payments and debt forgiveness.
  • Operation HELP — a fuel fund supported by donations from PPL Electric Utilities employees and customers that provides grants to help customers with their energy bills.
  • WRAP — a program that offers free energy-efficiency products, such as LED bulbs, to customers to help them reduce the amount of energy they use.
  • All customers, regardless of income, can also take advantage of other bill-help services, including budget billing or choosing a payment due date that works for their budget.

For more information on how PPL Electric Utilities can assist in reducing your winter energy bills, and how to apply for assistance if needed, visit

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