Know the signs to avoid scams this holiday season
PPL Electric Utilities offers strategies to stay safe on Utility Scam Awareness Day


PPL Electric looks out for its customers and is serious about protecting them from scams. This time of year, it is important to be especially vigilant. According to the Federal Trade Commission, impostor scams were listed as the most common fraud report in the United States last year.

Today, Nov. 15, marks Utility Scam Awareness Day and PPL Electric wants to equip customers with the information to help spot and stop bad actors.

“With scams on the rise, especially among our most vulnerable customers and small businesses, PPL Electric is focused on increasing awareness,” says Lisa Norden, vice president of Customer Service. “Criminals are skilled in their scam attempts. They use intimidation tactics and publicly available information to sound more credible. PPL Electric will never call and ask you for credit or debit card numbers or other personal information.”

Here are some signs of potential scam activity to look out for:
• Threat to disconnect: Scammers may call or show up at your door saying that your bill is past due and will threaten to disconnect service if a payment is not made immediately.
• Request for prepaid card: You may be asked to pay with a prepaid debit card or with funds through a mobile app.
• A knock on your door: Impostors may show up at your door and claim they are from PPL Electric. We do not sell supplier services and we don’t solicit customers door to door.
Scammers act quickly to put pressure on unassuming victims. Always remember:
• Slow down. Take your time. As part of intimidation tactics, scammers may press you to act quickly. Stop, slow down and end the conversation. Reach out to us directly to confirm any details mentioned during the conversation or the status of your bill.
• Verify. Scammers can spoof phone numbers, trick you with emails or pose as real employees in person. The best way to verify a claim is to log on to your PPL Electric account or set one up so you can check your bill status directly.
• Stop before you act. PPL Electric and other utilities will never demand payment by prepaid cards, cryptocurrencies or other methods.
If you sense suspicious activity, call PPL Electric at 1-800-342-5755 or contact the local authorities. You can also access more scam awareness information at Spread the word; if a scammer tries to target you, they may try to target other members of your community. Together, we can stop scams.

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